Words About Me

i’ve been a lot of things. i think things around (not through). i write in hopes that one day i might not have to speak. i think accomplishing dreams that maybe aren’t mine might wipe away a past spent paying for sins i don’t think i ever committed. i believe in social justice because Jesus did. i believe in the weight of words because of who Jesus is. and was. and will be. i believe that good exists because bad does. i believe in salvation because there is no other choice. i believe in love because i was named for it (and if i exist [& i surely do–aren’t you reading this] then love must too).

i don’t have secrets anymore. i have nothing to weigh me down anymore. i hope someone might notice the difference in me lately. they don’t. i move on, anyway, unburdened by what others aren’t. or can’t. or won’t.

i’ll speak the truth if you ask.