lonely valentine’s day posts confuse me…

by epi

i’m not sure why I should be lonely today

with a full heart safely in its ribbed cage

a body that wants for nothing, save a touch

or impossible knowledge that it’d never age


giving back the growing number of days wasted

in youth, in gleeful ignorance, thinking

“oh, tomorrow will come in its own time—

today I’ll spend merry—eating and drinking”


if I were meant to be lonely, shouldn’t I always be so?

instead of choosing one day to mourn a life wasted; one

day for a series of days mis-spent, misused, misappropriated?

how could one day spent feeling lonely, even begin to dent


a whole lifetime of days done wrong? Days gone,

days unlived, essentially? why today, of all days,

should I choose loneliness? why not tomorrow, or last

week, to announce I’ve lived all the wrong ways?

 **this isn’t finished, dunno if it ever will be. but i’m tired.