a semi response.

by epi

the girl, from the dream, i wonder if she ran out of love because she was using it wrong.
it’s okay to love someone. it’s okay to add love to their experiences, but is it right to try and take their pain? isn’t pain something good, in a way? can’t it be cleansing?

i think, i think if someone really loves you, they won’t try and take your pain. instead, they’ll sit you down in front of all your sin, pain, hurt, anger; they’ll sit down with you as you face everything you want gone. and they’ll hold you until you fight through it. until you deal with the shame, and regret, and anger, and hurt of it all. until you finally see that all of it IS you. millions of versions of you. different. younger. naïve. purer, maybe. but you. and then they’ll stand with you and sift through the wreckage. and they’ll help you build something beautiful out of all the broken pieces of yourself. that’s how I know God loves us. because he does that.