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by epi

suspicious lesions. “it’s probably not a big deal.” “it could be.” “it’s probably not.” “get it checked out.” “you haven’t been smoking that long, but you should quit.” “i know.” “it’s hard” “[grateful silence]. i know. thank you.”

plans. “what are you doing next?” “you should…” “it doesn’t have to be about happiness…” “it doesn’t?” “no. pay your bills. find happiness from 5pm-8:30am.” “ignore it. do what you want. i’ll help you.” “[grateful silence] thank you.”

family. “they don’t look like you.” “draw me a diagram.” “i know. it’s confusing. i don’t fit.” “no… you do. i’m sorry. i still need that diagram though.” “[grateful silence] thank you.”

the past. “you poor thing. i don’t know how you could be doing so well.” “get over it. the past is past. look forward.” “that must have sucked, but look where you are now. be grateful. “[grateful silence] i know. thank you.”

my future. “worry less. enjoy today.” “how will you pay your bills?” “plan. but know, God will take care of you.” “[grateful silence] thank you.”

my today. “you make bad choices.” “i know.” “make better decisions.” “i know.” “you’ve made some pretty crappy choices girl. but, the past is the past. give it to God and move on.” “i know. [grateful silence] thank you.”

my faith. “listen to God.” “how do you even know God’s telling you [whatever]?” “i know you say God say [whatever], but i think…” “God is working in your life. I can see it.” “[grateful silence] thank you.”

my decisions. “you made the right one. i don’t like it. but you made the right decision.” “[grateful silence]”


sometimes i focus entirely too much on the negative.