epi goes abroad

by epi

i’m in india. right now, i’m in india. i’ve been saying that i wanted to go for 3 years. and, look… here i am. india. i’m sitting at a table with an assortment of my fellow students digesting dinner. we had curry. we’ve had curry for every meal, which i expected, kinda.

i arrived in a cloud of panic and humidity on friday night, really saturday morning.  i left mi casa about 4 am on Thursday. it’s strange, you know, to think that the next time I’m there, the baby will be too. I’m excited, but terrified to live with such a small human being.  but it’s going to be awesome.

anyway, i arrived, but my bags didn’t. i’ll tell you that story later, or maybe i won’t. they were forgotten. so, saturday, i went shopping. bought some, uhm, “native” garb. i look like a fool. but it’s better than wearing the same clothes over and over.  now i have 5 outfits. aye. i miss my closet. yes, i’m homesick already. not in a bad way… just, i kinda miss my clothes & face wash.

i’ve also gone to the beach. i should maybe take pictures, but don’t find myself in the mood. it’s hot. plus, i forgot to bring a purse, and don’t wanna schlep the camera about. perhaps soon. okay i’ll be back.