Single Black Female (Edited)

by epi

Single Black Female

SBF seeks:
a writer interested in changing history.
Bring: an eraser with the the ability to smudge away past aches,
white out (write out past mistakes)
and ink so dark it’d write over whatever was left, see?

SBF seeks:
someone blind to beauty
(what care would a blind man have for skin or color,
for soft lines and hungry curves?).

SBF seeks:
some soul so broken that their eyes see shapes in fragmented form
(giving truth to the idea that eyes lie; forcing them to
ignore a body’s curves and lines long
enough to begin to question jagged edges).

SBF seeks:
The herself lost in years of acceptance of lies,
obliterating her ability to even
look at herself. be herself. know herself.
Devastatingly innocent, she was holding a pen that only wrote hope,
believing she wrote was the way the world worked,
that is, hopefully.
The herself she lost in trying to rewrite herself,
in thinking she could find someone to take care of her
take her where she couldn’t take herself
(never knowing that
that the places she would be taken would be places
she didn’t belong-
she was where she belonged, she belonged where she was).

SBF seeks:
(of the was, of the will be…
of herself).