frustrated, don’t know why. this isn’t about you.

by epi

I don’t use exclamation marks when I talk to you. I hope you don’t count that as inconsequential, useless information. It’s necessary to note; it’s the clearest indicator I can give you of how much I hate you. Notice I didn’t say loathe.  No, loathe is entirely too strong. Maybe hate is too. Too much emotion. Too much passion.  My feelings for you, they are non-existent. I’d say invisible, but I’m sure someone out there, somewhere, still secretly believes that their invisible friend exists, giving life to my thoughts of you.  What thoughts of you? There aren’t any.  I hate you. Or, not hate, loathe? No, dislike. Better, denounce. I denounce you. Acknowledge your existence once, and then never. You were, you never were. Easy, like that.