epi’s step by step tutorial for her “sexy look”

by epi

this is my patented “sexy” look. it has helped me snag nuuuuumerous boy people. in fact, it’s so powerful, that most guys can’t look at it for too long. so be warned, i guess. some boys might find that it’s TOO much sexy. but only the weak ones, and really, you don’t want those ones:).

(eventually, i’ll make a video tutorial, but i’m not quite sure the world is ready for that.)

without further ado, SEXY-NESS:

  • wiggle your shoulder (in an inviting way, you know, up and down).
  • look up, as to seem unavailable. (although, some boys HAVE noted that the visual of a girl rolling their eyes all the way back is a tad disconcerting. they’re wrong. do it.)
  • blink frequently (they call this “batting your eyelids”).
  • purse your lips, but don’t forget to smile. while it may seem awkward to do both, i assure you, the two are necessary to be a sexy-ness.
  • lean forward (to seal the deal).

*if the previous steps prove ineffective, try squinting your eyes (it’s like a challenge, “come and get me”).

**this is meant to attract boys, but i see no reason why it shouldn’t work on girls as well.