i have too many random thoughts…

by epi

i hate squirrels in a way that’s almost unnatural. when i see them, i’m filled with fury. fury.

is it bikini weather yet?

boys are stoopid (i know). i’d say “to hell with the whole lot of them”, but some are pretty good. and besides, who would tie my shoe and walk me to my car at night. so… instead, i’ll just frown fiercely at them behind their back.

my legs are cold and i need new purple tights. why do my tights always break at the beginning of winter.

i will fall in love with the first person who suggests & does a picnic (with a basket and chicken) to me.

i have no effin idea what’s going on around me anymore. sometimes, i catch myself checking out of conversations because my brain can’t absorb all the words, noises, colors and nearly imperceptible movements at once. i find myself responding to questions asked hours before.

for colored girls was one of the best movies i’ve ever seen. you did good tyler perry, you did good.

i have a cavity.

my throat hurts.

school is school and i never want to leave and want to be done right now.

i’d be okay with knowing the future. i want to know.

i wish i could sit everyone down for 24 hours and ask any question that needed to be asked.

i wish i knew what i’m supposed to do with my life. and more than that, i wish people would stop telling me that time would tell. i don’t want time to tell. i want to know.

time is too damn slow. i’m sorry i said damn. it’s true though. it’s also too fast.