hey gurrrrl.

by epi

Forgive me, Today:

for my unfaithfulness.

for not loving you enough to love you only.

for choosing your hopeless, but stable, brother
Yesterday over you. But he never leaves me.
There’s no chase with him, no surprise. And I
admit, there’s no fun in that, but at least
I’m never left worrying what he’ll do
(like I sometimes find myself doing with you).

for always wanting more of you,
but not giving even a thought to you, once here.

for Tomorrow. I know it’s unfair. It’s just that Tomorrow, well
he’s beautiful and mysterious. and even though he’s a liar–
promising me that he’ll be here shortly, never coming
(when i open the door to welcome him in, I find you there
instead), I often find myself choosing Tomorrow over you.

for my disregard.

for my callousness.

for throwing you away.

forgive me Today.