by epi

old school poem.

They canceled my flight.

“the snow” they said
“the ice” “the dark skies”
they apologized
“visibility is shot”, but they
hand me a pink slip, promising
hotel, discount and
an early flight (tomorrow).

Later, I wait,
for a shuttle to a hotel
I’ll barely see, and
I’m shivering.

(I hate the cold too
it leaves me all alone)

I fell in… something
With you yesterday
I want to say “love”
But only for the poem’s sake.

Only because it seems,
I don’t know, romantic,
Only because I’m stranded
only hours
From you, I’ll call you,
Why don’t you,
Save. Me?

We tried that before.
I could say…
I think that I’m in love with you?
No. It’s more like, Like, or maybe
Obsession or (I fear) fear.
I don’t want to be alone

Now my fingers are punching
out numbers, and I don’t know
how, but suddenly,
there are words spelled out
before me,
with my thumb lingering
on green,
(the shaking must be from the cold)
I’m begging myself
to send it,
to not send it
to you.

I think that I might love you.

You would say…

I don’t want you to tell
Me anything but the right
Thing, which isn’t always the

I think about the
I’ll have to fill
Waiting for your

That space
Too big, wide,
Drowns me
Chokes me
That space
My words
And the ones that you won’t say
Because I made you promise
Not to hurt me,
& i remember saying that,
and you hesitated a moment
and said yes. Knowing i
would probably regret asking,
you said yes.

If only yes, would come
As easily, this time,
With you
Only, hours
Away from me
(save me)
Would you say,

& my thumb hovers
wondering if
Salvation is worth
That space…
and it’s shaking, but
the cold is gone, I turned
the thermostat to 82

would you come?
If I asked you,
If I said,
I think that I might love you,
Would you…

Leave me in
That space.
Leave me…

that space would
sully even salvation,
I think,
Before I sleep.