everyone loves an old school angst poem to break up the monotony

by epi

see, the beauty of an emo poem is in the heart wrenching desolation (that’s more laughable than heartbreaking, honestly), the clumsy language, the surprisingly shallow deep emotions. ahhh… poetry of old, i enjoy stumbling across you so much in moments like these. :). (yeah, i can feel myself sliding back into place, i’m beginning to remember who i was before, but, i’m older now. i know more now. i’ll keep making mistakes. i just hope i don’t make the same one more than twice.)

If I mass texted you love notes,
What would you say?

If I promised to be yours forever,
but yours wasn’t the only
name in the recipient line,
would you love me anyway?

I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.
I’m just asking in hopes that, perhaps
knowing the truth, you’ll
stop making promises
neither of us will never keep
(or maybe it’s just me).

I make promises too:
to stop telling the lies
we both need to hear.

If it hurts any less
You’re not the only one
I’m lying to.

If it saves you,
You’re not alone
In this heartbreak.