epi_writes: constructing destruction.

by epi

Watching you unravel me
is like…
spying on a creator destroying
someone else’s catastrophe.

(now i know there’s beauty in destruction, too.)

nails flying, ripping through boards and skin,
& layer after layer of yellowed wallpaper
riddled with childish poetry misinterpreting love.

someone’s gonna be a casualty of
this desire
to tear down & rebuild again.

but there’s beauty in…

a needed destruction,
this is
only possible because it is lacking love.
lacking carefulness and fearfulness of
irreversible damage.

fearfulness (that ugliness), it’s a casualty too:
of being poured into
someone else…
of being the thing that keeps them together
of being kept together.

Watching you unravel me,
destroy someone else’s
yeah… someone’s
gotta be a casualty.