epi_speaks: on dc metros

by epi

The smell of disinfectant intrigues me. It reminds me, in a world where everyone lives alone together, that (other) people exist. They, DCs unwanted or underappreciated, piss on walls, trailing that acrid stench, marking their existence. They refuse to be ignored.

It’s easier to pretend that the unwanted dont exist. The smell makes it harder. So they bleach it all away. Try to rid themselves of thecolorthesmelltheidea that someone might be so desperate to be heard that they’d scribble their excrement for allt to read. They will not be forgotten.

the smell of disinfectant is everywhere. the desire to be clean sullies us.

It feels good to know that the smell can’t be completely washed away. Ever the idealist, the smell of bleach reminds me that people can’t be forgotten. (Not even with a bucket of bleach, a squirt bottle of ammonia, or anti-homeless laws.)