epi speaks on: breast cancer baloney

by epi

Have you heard about the release from the breast cancer task force? They’ve changed the suggested/required age for regular mammograms from 40s to 50s. Tell me that’s not a load of bull. Oh wait, you can’t. My favorite part about the whole thing was the lack of oncologists on this so called “task force”. Excuse me, who are you to make a task force about breast cancer without an oncologist? Without a breast cancer survivor? But, in the effort of full disclosure, the panel did create a team of experts that created and presented a 16 page paper with suggestions to the panel. But, and I’m going to quote CNN here:

The cancer experts themselves do not decide what screening is appropriate — they just present the evidence. It is the task force that makes the final decision.

Who’s on the task force then? Health care entities. That’s right. Health care/insurance people who care only about making sure that black line of profit is deep are deciding that it’s unnecessary for women under 50 to get mammograms.

Of course they have their reasons… they say their suggestions are evidence based, that though early mammograms save some, they also cause terror and frustration for others. Hm. I still call baloney. Save one woman, it’s worth it.