to our parents…

by epi

To our parents…

We, the youth of today,
are your future.
So why aren’t you afraid?
We, seekers of
Instant gratification,
a quicker fix,
fast money,
no-strings-attached love,
an authority-free world
willing to give us power,
are your future.
It’s too late to be afraid.
The time would’ve been
Raising us, attempting to
Create perfection around us
Sheltering us, guiding us
Telling us who we are
Telling us that we’re too
Young to know better, that
You know
& now,
Unable to make decisions
Afraid to fight back
Reluctant to think for ourselves
The xbox-playstation-nintendo
Are you future.
You’d run if you could,
I know.
Rest easy,
We’ll treat you with
The same care you raised us.
We’ll be blind to your desires
Your needs, your wants
We’ll paint ourselves on your faces
Write our words on your lips,
Steal your future
Make it ours.
Because it is.
We are.