Epi_Speaks: Who We Are

by epi

Recently, I sent my “besties” (2 girls I met my freshman year of college) an email. It said: Who are we? Who are we? Not, who are you? Not, what do we want… but, who are we? Though [sic] the restrictions may be unfair because you can’t define one without the other.One friend, who’s in Turkmenistan, promised me an answer next week. I’ll share that with you. The other friend (C!!) will need to be haunted for her response. I’ll post that one as well. &Here’s mine:

  • We are not honest. We are more concerned with appealing to our own sense of… something, than fulfilling other’s desperate desire for truth. The truth, though painful, is beautiful.
  • We love God but We are broken. Hoping that desire to follow him is enough has hurt us. There needs to be follow through. Commitment.
  • We are beautiful & we are woman. Not women, though we are that too. But our struggles and triumphs, our joys and heartbreaks can be roughly translated into many of the lives of women around us. So maybe what I meant was: We are not alone. Ever.
  • We are. I mean, really, we are. Right now, we are. To think anything else would be to waste our one shot at all of this. So, we love hard, laugh loud, and repeat clichés just because they make us laugh.
  • We are not simple. There is no one sentence, no one word to describe us… we would be shortchanging ourselves, lying to ourselves to believe otherwise. Our “us-ness” if you will, is only true when viewed in combination.
  • We are children of a new generation. Children who see the world as fluid, children who are loyal to all people, not just “our” people. We ask, “Who are our people?” We wonder if we have people, we question the location of “home”, wondering why home can’t be people, why it has to be a place. We are not thwarted by distance. No, none is too great to stand in the way of the things, or the people, that we desire.
  • We are love. Simply. We love not just with our hearts, but our bodies & words, struggling to live so that others might be (&know) love.
  • We are alone. In all of this, perhaps because all of this, we are alone. We are grateful for the Facebooks and the Gmails and the Skypes of the world, but bitter too. We know it makes us unable to let anyone go. We fear that we only have so much room in our hearts before there’s no room for anyone else.
  • &… that’s it for now. I’ll update later.