Epi_Speaks on Dereck Webb

by epi

Recently, there was controversy. There is always controversy, there iis nothing new there. What is new, I think, is this medium as the means of addressing it.  Christian music meets discussions on homosexulaity.  Because of this song, Dereck Webb’s record label refused to release his CD “Stockholm Syndrome” (or at least delayed it’s release).  D.W. responded to his label by emailing his fans.  Read it here:  http://bit.ly/DlHN5.   

I wonder, are we at the crossroads of another major church split? Will homosexuality be the one that we recreates the Protestant movement like whatever broke Christians into Catholics and Protestants to begin with. And here I want to quickly mention, that most people believed the Protestants were wrong, hellbound, heathens. Just like most Jews believed that Jesus was leading his followers to a dark place. And before someone else says it, I’m not calling Dereck Webb Jesus. Instead, I’m asking, is he right or wrong to ask us whether we’re right or wrong? (On some level, I believe that this is all he is doing…). He does not seem to ask if homosexuality is right or wrong, but, if we, as Christians, are wrong in judging them before/instead of preaching the gospel. And actually, it seems that our methods of evangelising to that population is through messages of hatred, disgust, fear and anger.

As you probably heard on the video, he sings about the relationship between Christianity and homosexuality… spitting some pretty lyrics:

“You say you always treat people like you like to be
I guess you love being hated for your sexuality”

“‘Cause if you really believe what you say you believe
You wouldn’t be so damn reckless with the words you speak”

“Tell me, brother, what matters more to you?
Tell me, sister, what matters more to you?”

Above all other lyrics, the last quote shakes me. “Tell me brother/sister, what matters more to you?” D.W. is talking about Christians (that’s me) acting like homosexuality is the worst sin in the world, like it’s enough to keep everyone from heaven. (While ignoring dying/exploited children, pollution, and entire countries that are starving.  We spent over $73 million on Proposition 8 (http://bit.ly/yFEbH), while there are children in our own country that die from lack of heat/food/clean water.)  Our behaviors/our words/our actions are certainly turning some away from Christ.  I also know that as Christians we are held to a higher standard than nonChristians.  Are we answering to that calling?

Look, I know the pro/anti-homosexuality arguments well. We are called to love and to serve, but not to judge. We cannot judge other people until we are perfect. (Pick the log out of your own eye, before you flick the speck out of your brother’s). And then, we are called to hold our brothers and sisters accountable. That ignoring the issue/accepting the people would make us as much of a sinner as they are. (But aren’t we? Aren’t we all already sinners????)

Here I take a quick moment to sigh, to mourn love and truth, and those times/people that truly knew what it meant to live like Christ.

And before I leave you to comment, or not, I have one last thought. What if we (I’ll lump myself in, though I don’t always agree with the rest of the lump) are wrong in all of this.  What if our version of holding someone accountable is the very thing turning the masses from Christ? Whose sin is that? Whose problem? I know that internally we will be quick to say “theirs”, but what if, at the judgement seat, we are required to pay for all of our sins, even those we thought were justified?